Originally known as Stark Raving Solutions, we evolved to AVDOXA in summer 2022 to emphasize what, how and why we do what we do.

What we do: “AV” for audio–visual and “X” for experience. Simply put, we create audio-visual experiences

Why we do what we do: “Dox” pays homage to our company’s roots and stems from doxology, a liturgical expression for glory. Our first and longest-standing clients are churches, and from this base, we have grown and expanded. Today, we also use our expertise to help corporations, small to midsize businesses and nonprofit organizations deliver transformative audio, video and lighting (AVL) experiences. Our goal is for every audience to feel glory in the AVL experience that unfolds.

How we do it: “X” for experience. All of our clients seek to use technology to create an experience with a partner they can trust with experience. And with AVDOXA on your side that journey will be an enjoyable experience.


Since 2001, we have served a national market of churches, commercial clients and businesses, both large and small. We are a Kansas City based firm, with clients and successful systems in operation across North America, including Alaska, and numerous international locations. Whatever the size of your current media need, we can provide achievable solutions for you.



The Experience Matters.

First-in-class consultation, quality, and customer service are what separate AVDOXA from our competitors. We have an experienced and dedicated team that has enjoyed organic growth year over year through excellent and consistent technical solutions and customer service. AVDOXA is nimble and responsive to client needs and is committed to the highest quality design, installation and post-installation support.